Our Pastor

Pastor Wayne Gillespie

Pastor Wayne has served the Church as Lutheran (ELCA) pastor for 36 years.

Pastor Wayne was born and raised in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He initially pursued a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Penn State; but a few years after he was graduated from Penn State, he felt God’s call into ordained ministry and began his theological studies. Pastor Wayne earned a Master of Divinity degree from The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Pastor Wayne has a passion for storytelling. He believes that it’s important to highlight the many ways that ordinary people are making our world a better place – one act of kindness at a time. He is devoted to helping congregations to understand what Jesus is calling them to be, and he is dedicated to helping congregations to discover a deeper sense of mission and life-changing ministry. He has valued learning throughout his ministry, and he constantly searches for new ways to use technology in the post-pandemic Church.

Currently, Pastor Wayne serves Christ’s Lutheran Church in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and he is excited to be a part of the Stewardship Committee and the Care and Leadership for Congregations team of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod.
Pastor Wayne also enjoys bicycling, spending time with his grandchildren, and delving into genealogy and family history.