Mission and Outreach

Churchwide Mission Support

We are proud to partner with the nearly 3 million members and 9,000 congregations that are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The ELCA is committed to helping Christians to grow in Christ, to preparing pastors and church leaders for effective ministry, to offering vital support in times of national and international disaster, and to responding to Christ's call for justice and peace in all the world. Our partnership with the ELCA also enables us to support outdoor ministries; schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries around the world; and the ministry of more than 240 missionaries.

Synod Mission Support

We are also proud to join hands with Bishop Kusserow, our Synod's staff, and the 142 other Lutheran congregations who are a part of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod. Our continuing partnership helps to support college campus ministries, church camps, seminaries, and several social service organizations.

Plum Food Pantry

The Plum Food Pantry is committed to providing individuals and families in Plum Borough with nutritional food and grocery products. We support the Pantry's mission by collecting food and by offering support to those who need help when the Pantry is closed through our own Little Pantry. We also support the Plum Food Pantry by collecting hats and mittens, winter coats, and toys for children during the Holiday Season.

Heifer International

Our long-term partnership with Heifer International helps to support farmers and their communities by providing nutritious food, shelter, clean water, and education. Heifer is especially committed to empowering women who are interested in small-scale farming and to helping farmers to improve the quality of their crops, so that they can increase their sales and incomes.

Westmoreland County Food Bank

We are glad to support the mission of the Westmoreland County Food Bank and to join hands in offering "hope in every box."  Together, we fight against hunger by providing nutritious food and by offering comfort and confidence to our neighbors and friends throughout Westmoreland County.

Blackburn Center

Our continuing partnership with the Blackburn Center helps to address the issue of gender violence in our community. The Center offers a 24-hour hotline, free counseling services, and a fresh start for women and men who experience domestic and sexual violence in Westmoreland County.